Monday, June 14, 2010

Hatchets and sisters and wolves, OH MY!

I have a thing for fairy tale retellings. What can I say, I just like 'em. But Sisters Red, Jackson Pearce's newest addition? It's one of my new favorites.
It's GRITTY on one level and it's AWESOME on another and on a whole different level, it's deep and fantabulous.
...Wow, I am so not great at this description thing, huh?
Okay. Well.
This is a Red Riding Hood retelling. I think. Yeah, it is. But it's not the same old story, and it's not sweet and innocent Red going off to grandma's. It's smoldering in some spots and it's sweet in others. Told from two sister's POV, the reader gets to tag along as they both kill these really nasty wolf creatures. Oh, and you get to learn about a very cute woodsman named Silas.
Plus, no spoiler intended, but there is a seriously kick butt scene at the end.
Just saying.
I'm fond of sister stories. I've got one who's 18, not that much older than me, and is at times severely annoying and others pretty cool. (I'd go deeper into the cool part, but if she reads this I will never hear the end of it. For the rest of my life, whenever I find her aggravating, she'll remind me 'You said I was awesome so HAH'
-sticks out tongue at sister- )
Anywaaay. That means I was doubly fond of Sisters Red. Plus, the author? I'm stalking--ahem, following--her on Twitter, and she's hilarious. I've kind of got an author crush on her.
That's all I got for now. I'm trying to finish a WIP by the end of this month (it's at two weeks old and 26,000 words right now, with a goal of about 60,000) so I'm off to listen to the Glee soundtrack and think fondly of working on that. Maybe I'll even open up the document and pet it fondly.
More later.


Aspen said...

I have an author crush on Jackson as well. ARGH I NEED SISTERS RED NAOW!

And me likey the idea of listening to Glee and writing... I have a playlist that is a mash-up of Glee, The Runaways, Katy Perry (well, California Girls) and Florence and the Machine... and I'm even thinking of trying to get some writing done tonight!

Maggie said...

(Pst! I'm reading this book. Soon.)