Friday, June 11, 2010

How did I not know this?

Okay, so everyone has heroes, and in the writing business, everyone has literary heroes. For me, the number one hero has to be Tamora Pierce. Back during the 2008 presidential elections, I found her on a website for YA writers in politics. There were thousands of people on that site. On a whim, I sent a note to her, never thinking I'd get a response.
Yeah, well.
She responded.
I'm skimming over this part, but let's just say that this was a kind of sucky period in life. It was the start of highschool, and one of my best friends had turned into a jerk, the way they tend to. School was okay, but not great. My English teacher, normally the highlight of the day, wasn't particularly fond of me (I talked a lot) and I was having issues writing. After all, I was fourteen. How dare I not have done something utterly fabulous with my life?
(I refer to this as Rachel Berry syndrome.)

Anywaaay. Her note was long and great and talked about the power of teenagers. And so I started writing again, thinking, well, I want to be a powerful teenager. I wrote some random crap, and then wrote another story, and then finished one. I started submitting the start of sophomore year (which, I know now, was really dumb. I pretty much submitted the first draft. Ahem.)
Still, I had people tell me it was good. Like, agent people. I was told I had promise. And for once in my life, even though I had been writing since I was eight, it was like I had proof that maybe, someday, I could do this. I could write and people would like it.
And so I sent her an email, thanking her. I wasn't expecting anything.
I've read all of her books cover to cover and have started to crack the spine on most of them. And upon randomly googling her name today, I found out she HAS A BLOG.
I feel like such a bad fan.
Because guess what?
She has TWO blogs. And Here.
Cheers. I'm off to go scour her archives.


Aspen said...

I'm going to make you feel bad and tell you I knew a long time ago that she had a blog.

Just kidding (I did know though) but I don't wanna be mean ^^

Buuut, that's what you get for making us twenty-something-year-olds feel bad by saying that you wan to be a powerful teenager! :P We certainly tried, but thanks for reminding us our time has passed, you still have the chance -_- *sigh* I feel so old. (and I haven't even turned 21).

Yes, I do have a bad case of the Rachel Berry syndrome.

Love your new layout ;)

cipherqueen said...

That. Layout.

YES! M'dear, you are getting zee elements exzatzy right!

And the whole letter with Tamora? Incredible.

I think I had Rachel Berry Syndrome until I turned fifteen... guess I figured it was too late to use my youth then. Ah, well- I'm still playing up the sorceress look!

Aspen said...

Too late at 15? That's when you're just getting started ;)

Emilia Plater said...

This is such a sweet post! Love that pic of Rachel :) I totally know what you mean by Having Accomplished Nothing Fabulous/RB Syndrome. haha. But in the end... we have our whole lives to rock this world as hard as we can! Whether our top rockin' potential comes at 14, 20 or later. :) Yay for Tamora - and you!

Sam said...

Aspen: -glares- Pft.
And as for being twenty, hey, that sounds more fun than 16. I want to do something as a teenager, sure, but just surviving will be nice too. And thanks; I was worried about it some.
Cipherqueen: Hah, thanks! I accidentally wiped the old one, so I ended up with this, lol. I kinda like it.
Hey, you're still young. :P And I wanna be a sorceress too!
Aspen again: I agree. Fifteen is just so young. -shakes head at my fifteen year old self-

Sam said...

Emilia: ACK! I totally did not see that you posted. (And now let me gleefully clap, because you have such an awesome blog)
And YES. I completely agree. We do have our entire lives. Starting young just means we're getting a jump start at being fabulous.

Karen said...

Just found your blog!

Tamora so nice! I meet her at Dragon Con two years ago and told she was my inspiration to become a children's librarian!

We all go through the Rachel Berry Syndrome, at least I did. Now I'm on to my Quarter Life Crisis :P