Saturday, June 5, 2010

At my library

So there was this really cool author event at my library last Saturday, and I've been wanting to post this since then. (My internet at home is EVIL. So, I am back at the library.)
Anyway, it was set up by the fantabulous Sarah (who has one of the best blogs about books out there) and there were four authors who were able to come.

Jenny B Jones was there.

She is absolutely hilarious. Upon answering the question "Who would win, Edward or Harry Potter?" she pointed out that Edward is a tad bit of a creeper who still lives with his parents, and he probably could not beat out Harry's awesomeness.
(I like Twilight, don't get me wrong. But he does stare in Bella's window an awful lot.)
Pretty much every time she spoke, I started cracking up.

There was Brent Crawford. For some reason, this is like, the only picture I can find of him.
Of course, thats the pic he uses on his website, so . . .
He also was quite funny. At one point, he talked about something that I thought was really, really interesting--seperating the editor from the writer. He said that you have to keep writing and not let that evil, picky little editor out. If you do, you'll never get anything done. It's okay to be bad, he pointed out, and then to fix it later.

There was Brian Katcher.
(The librarians were harrassing him about this picture, telling him he needed a new one.)
His book is actually state recommended next year in this thing that they call Gateway Books, so I was really interested in reading his book. His book is accompinied by Hunger Games (otherwise known as the Book of Awesome) and Graceling, which we all know is pretty awesome too. So it's in good company.
And those other books? They're in good company too. I read Playing With Matches on Sunday, and it was really good. It just seemed so real. Nothing was coated over. It's about aboy who gets involved with girl who's heavily scarred. Normally, I'd expect the entire book to be about 'Of course it doesn't matter, I am a good and noble high school boy so of course I would care not.' But there was so much more depth than that. I can see why it's been nominated.

Then there was Holly Schindler.

Long time readers of the blog know that I kind of adore her. She was the first author interview
I ever conducted, and I just loved her book.
I actually got to be one of the teens that 'showed her around' (Quotes because she already know the library. I just blabbered. A lot. It's what I do) and got to talk to her in person, which was kind of fantabulous.
It's interesting. I've learned a lot within the past year, but just talking to Holly for like, twenty minutes, taught me so much more.
All in all, it was a really great event.


Lyla said...

Whoa! I was just reading about that event on Jenny B. Jones' blog! I'm majorly jealous right now :)

Aspen said...

Jealous =(