Saturday, October 16, 2010


Zomg, guys. It's the weekend, and I'm NOT at a debate tournament. Do you realize the epicness of this? No? Well. To put in perspective, this will be one of the last -- no seriously, one of two open weekends -- I have until February. That doesn't include Christmas, but really, school shouldn't be considered for those latter weeks of December.
(Technically, I should be at a tournament. My coach offered, but I wanted to hang with my sister. She's bringing pie; obviously this means I need to give her a due amount of worship.)
I read several very ninja books this week and will have reviews up later -- except for Linger, which I took a day to reread (it involved ignoring three of my teachers, one of whom was mildly offended that I thought the book was more interesting than the notes) -- as well as some other random. But for now, Abby over Above Water has given me an award!
Abby is pretty much epic, y'all. She's a mom, which automatically makes her way more ninja than average, and works at the library, which in my book is on par with working at like, a store that sold candy and sparkles and Harry Potter paraphernalia.
Anyway, to accept the award, I get to answer this question:

If I had the chance to go back and change one thing in my life, would I and what would it be?

-blinks- -shifts uncomfortably-
I can think of a few things. Not freezing at debate districts comes to mind. Researching more thoroughly before I jumped into querying the first time. And then there's a boy. (Isn't there always?) 
Yeah. The boy thing wins. I wish I could deal with it way more ninja like. 
See, everyone talks about how I'll look back on that fondly and be like BOOM, Sarrah Dessan-esque book deal, but now? It still stings. Even if he is one of my best friends, I wish I could go back and be all suave and chill and just do things different. For instance, taping my mouth shut would have been a GREAT idea. At the very least, I wish I could go back and stop myself from crying. It kills me that I cried over it. 
-wrinkles nose in distaste- 
There's also the time I ran over that snake. Dude. I wish I could have stopped that. 
Sigh. All in all, I suppose everything I've gone through has made me who I am today. For a 16 year old girl, I'm pretty okay with myself. -shrugs- (I still wish I hadn't killed the snake.)
Anyway. Giving the award to five people now:

Maggiebecause I plan on living on her fame when I'm old and decrepit. 
Cipherqueen because she is very good at cheering me up.
Aspen because holy crap, that girl can edit like no other.
Sarah because there is no one better to talk books with. (Even though I don't think she technically always does awards. Hmm.)
Katharine because she's basically what I was at 12. Cept, you know, way smarter. 

All right, farewell, friends! I'm off to go pull my sister's hair and steal her clothes watch Social Network with my family. 
More later!


Abby Minard said...

You deserve it- I love your blog! Plus the fact that you are a debater is pretty awesome-sauce. Thanks for the compliments- actually, that reminds me- I think Little Monster is asleep on her beanbag chair because I ignored her too long while reading blogs.

Katharine said...

Wow! Thank you sooooo much!!! You are awesome, like totally dude. -nods knowledgably-

:D xxxxxx

Cipherqueen said...

Thank you!!!! And sorry I've been anti-tech for months now.

And yes, I would be the sorry sap to say yes to Nanowrimo in your above post. I even printed out motivational stickers- how sad is THAT?

But this year will be good. Having radical feminists pulls the plot along surprisingly well. :) And chocolate, of course.

Aspen said...

You just made, like, my MONTH. Expect an inbox full of chapters over the next few days, I have to live up to this award!

Maggie said...

OMG AWARDDDD!!! *backflip of happiness*

Thank you. :)

And, ugh, boys are annoying. We should get rid of them. Except TL, and AP. And LL. Well, and IS. Basically, anyone famous can stay. :P

Sam said...

Abby: Thank you! -grins- Yay, debate is good for something other than turning my hair grey early.
Baha. I used to LIVE in my sister's beanbag chair. It had sparkles. :P

Katharine: Baha, thank you!

Cipherqueen: Dude. School is kicking my butt; I get the anti tech thing.
-grins- Hey, I love motivational stickers. They guilt me into doing stuff.

Aspen: Hah! You totally deserve it. Seriously.

Maggie: -eyes you nervously- When did you learn how to do backflips? -offers wings-
Baha. You know the boy I'm talking about, too. Actually, I believe I cried AT you. Feel special.