Friday, October 15, 2010

Foreign Friday: Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennon

Okay, all. I loved this book. If I could marry this book, I might. (Maggie, shut up. I can have as many book spouses as I want.) It's snarky and clever and basically wonderful. Here is the author's website: Below is the original US cover.
I actually couldn't bring myself to pick up that cover. I don't know why; it just never caught my eye. I think it's a little bit too 'Hello, I am hot and brooding' which is so not what the book is about.
 This is the newer US cover. 
Still not my favorite cover, but I'm still fond of it. It's pretty and dark, but the guy looks a little bit too old to be a teenager. Actually, he really reminds me of Paul Wesley.
Anyway, this is the French Cover.

Still old looking, but hey, props for the fire.
Here's the Indonesian cover.
I actually like this better than the US one. Why? Um, well, it has purple on it. Plus, he doesn't glow.
This is the Ukranian version. And, um, I am kind of in love with it. 
It has FIRE. 
Here's the UK cover.

I'm kind of fond of it. It looks a little cartoony, but in a good way.
So, what say you? What's your favorite?


Sarah said...

I LOVE the british cover!

Is there any way I could buy that cover? Hello amazon? hehe :P

Maggie said...

Ukrainian covers FTW! :D

(And I s'pose you can marry this book too. I won't bug you. I believe there should be an unlimited number of marriages with books, anyways. -nods-)

Sam said...

Sarah: I like that one too. It's kind of fitting, plus the boy almost fits what I imagine.

Maggie: That's my favorite too.
Unlimited book marriages? ZOMG YAY.

Sam said...

Sarah again: Actually, also, technically you can buy them overseas! -grins- Idk about shipping cost, but here's the website:

(Wow, that's an ugly link.)