Sunday, October 3, 2010

My priorities

English homework? Pretty much done. I had to write a letter from a character in the Crucible. Minor editing to be done, but I've had it planned out for a week now. 
Debate homework? Not done, but hey, I have a general area of where I'm going with it.
Writing? Wrote 2k words. YAY NINJA.
Emails? Oh, dude, I'm on top of those. Maybe. I'm on top of my AOL account. Facebook? Yeah, totally. Twitter? I'm doing quite well. 
Chemistry? No homework. HAH. 
Math homework?
I . . . .
I know . . . what it is . . . . and where it's at . . . so obviously, that should count for -- for something. Right? 
I mean, it's PRACTICALLY done. A good THREE problems are TOTALLY finished. So that should get me some kudos, right? I --
Oh, shut up. 

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