Friday, October 29, 2010

Foreign Friday: Kind of

So, this is totally cheating because I technically already did Twilight -- what? Oh.
-waits patiently for Twilight bashing to occur-
Okay, moving on --
I realize these are just for marketing. I realize they are totally dumb. I realize that the UK, land of pretty boys and accents (my apologies to any UK people I may be offending), is also a marketing genius for selling these.
And yet I love them.

Seriously. I think these are SO pretty. The better pictures are here.
Sorry for the cop out;  I was having issues finding stuff this week. Normally, I'd do what I was reading, but this week that consisted of Dante's Inferno, Frankenstein, and a book on the fall of the Spanish Armada.
And yes.
It is EXACTLY as interesting as it sounds.
(Though, on the upside, I'm at 17k on my new shiny story, which is fun. Hoping for 25k by the end of the weekend.)
More later.

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Lenore said...

It does look pretty!!