Monday, October 25, 2010

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Release Date: It's out. -shrugs- I'm not actually sure when it was technically released.

Amazon says:

After saving Olympus from the evil Titan lord, Kronos, Percy and friends have rebuilt their beloved Camp Half-Blood, where the next generation of demigods must now prepare for a chilling prophecy of their own:

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,
To storm or fire the world must fall.
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.

Now, in a brand-new series from blockbuster best-selling author Rick Riordan, fans return to the world of Camp Half-Blood. Here, a new group of heroes will inherit a quest. But to survive the journey, they’ll need the help of some familiar demigods.

I say:

First, a disclaimer. The Percy Jackson books are some of my all time favorites.
That said, this (the companion series/kind of sequel) wasn't as good. However, it could be soon.
The Lost Hero is setting up a saga. Dude. It's setting up something that could be freaking epic. It isn't quite there yet -- maybe because so much world building had to go on -- but Riordan's classic humor and great characters were enough to make this book worth reading. I love, love, love all of the characters -- he does a fantastic job of making three dimensional and flawed teenagers. You want them to be your friends, and if you're me, you basically want to write like this.
There's a lot of talk about diversity in YA lately. I loved this book because it did a great job of having a diverse cast without preaching about it -- the kids were just kids. Well. Kids with gods as parents. Seriously, I think this is the best example of a diverse cast that still maintains a story line that doesn't highlight how great diversity is. Plus, the girls in this series? They totally kick butt.
The twist is easy enough to figure out; you're given heavy handed hints through the entire story. Still, the end of the novel left me drooling for the sequel. The cliff hanger is worthy of Hunger Games and the story, while not as fast paced as the Percy books moves fast enough that you can't wait for more.
I think my main problem came from the point of view. There are three different characters who the POV switches between, and while that was interesting, I did kind of miss the first person narrative -- only because Mr. Riordan does such a fantastic job with it. That said, I'm excited for the next book.
Oh -- and this is in the same world as the previous Olympian books. Annabeth shows up, and Percy seems to have a major role in the next one. This is planned to be a five book series, and quite honestly, by the end of it, I imagine it will be just as good as the Percy books.
Oh again -- on a random note, the cover lies. This book isn't as middle grade as the first few Percy books. The kids are all fifteen and sixteen, I think, and they act like it. I'm not sure why the cover regressed a few years, but hey, it actually fits the book pretty well. The steampunk elements are kind of awesome; I'm glad it came out on the cover.
All in all, worth your time.
But how the heck are we supposed to wait an entire YEAR??


Colene Murphy said...

Wow. I had no idea he was taking it any farther. Kind of excited to get back with the characters, even if the first one in the series is kind of a bummer. Hope it progresses to awesome!

Thanks a lot for the heads up!

Abby Minard said...

I've got it on hold at the library and I'm so excited to read it. I LOVED the Percy books! I think it'll be nice that they are starting out a bit older. And the rumor that Percy will be in the second one makes me so happy!

Sam said...

Colene: I know! I think it will progress really well -- I mean, the first Percy book definitely wasn't the strongest.

Abby: I did too, and I'm glad they're older. I think he does better with teenagers.
I almost can't see how he could write the sequel without Percy in it. -frowns- I don't wanna say anything else and ruin it!

Cipherqueen said...

Contest at QT if you're awake now. :) And I really have to get some books. And time to read them.

Marieke said...

I kind of desperately want to read this!

Sam said...

Cipqherqueen: Agh, awake, but not paying attention. Dangit.
You need books. And time. Perhaps not in that order. -nods-

Marieke: Hi! I love Rick Riordan. I seriously have an author crush on him. You know, in a non creepy way.