Sunday, July 25, 2010

Books I Desperately Want

So summer has set in. The air is hot and sticky and in the midwest, walking outside feels like walking into a tea kettle - warm and somewhat nasty. I love sleeping in and all, but enough is enough. I keep finding myself eying the sky outside (because I am so not going out in this nastiness) and asking the sun to shine a little less brightly.
It doesn't ever end well. The sun gets angry and calls me spoiled. I tell it that nobody likes it and this is why I would rather be up in the wee hours of the morning than at noon. And then I realize I'm arguing with a flaming ball of gas and contemplate perhaps sleeping in those wee hours instead of blogging.
-eyes clock- Eh. 
There's something very dangerous about these wee hours. For instance, when a random number starts texting you, you go and lock your windows and door and pull the blood hound into your room just in case it ends up being Creepy Stalker Person. And then there's the internet. As summer swells around me and I decide I'm not going to be a healthy teenager who spends her time outside, I am on the internet more. The dangerous, dark internet -- dangerous and dark because of one website.
Because of this website, I'm now desperately in love with several books. And I want them. Badly. Now. A lot.
For instance, have you seen Richelle Mead's latest cover? Oh my god, it is beautiful. Her last book had me in panic attacks because of the cliff hanger, and the cover to the next is giving me complex's before the dang thing is even out.

And I want this one. I loved the first. I love the author. And I love, love, love, love this cover. From the font to the butterflies to the girl's eyes, it's just perfect. 

OH. And this? DUDE. Did you know that Rick Riordan, AKA One Of The Best Authors Ever, is putting out another book? And did you know that it's set in Camp Half Blood? Because I didn't know that, and now I'm ready to go and find my freaking time machine so I can read it. 

Then there's this one. I've been eying it for a long time because of Maggie Stiefvater and Tessa Gratton. It looks SO cool. And I actually have an author interview lined up. I literally shrieked when she said yes. 

And this one. Because the author is amazing and wonderful and because Rick Riordan (see his description above) blurbed it and because I keep reading all these great reviews.

Nightshade City

That's not all I want, but those are the hits. This dark dangerous website should get in trouble for getting a girl all excited.
And now, since blogger has eaten this post TWICE and I've rewritten it TWICE (it was better the first time) I am sufficiently tired.
-eyes Amazon- -eyes clock- -wonders how pleasant to be around I'm gonna be tomorrow morning-
Yeah. If I want my parents and sister to still love me, I better get some sleep. I tend to be rather . . . what's the word they used? Oh yeah -- evil . .  . when I don't sleep.
More later.


Maggie said...

Psh. Sleep is for girls.

I want these books too. Especially The Replacement. I read Brenna, Maggie and Tessa's Sisters of Merry Fate blog, and Brenna is a genius. Plus, are you looking at the cover? Scissors and knives over cribs? CREEPY COOL.

Hey, now one of us needs to convince Maggie to do a interview. Then we'd have the whole clan. :P

Maggie said...

Oh, also, I forgot to mention that I'm going through Dimitri withdrawls. I need that VA book NOWW.

I really hope Adrian doesn't die.

Anonymous said...

great list!

Sarah said...

I've never heard of any of those books..

but I now want them all.

Hello amazon :]

Aspen said...

DUUUUDE You've been blogging A LOT. I LIKE!

Where have I been? Why haven't I noticed that one of the blogs I stalk so religiously is being updated consistently and pretty-made? (LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT)

I've been beta reading your story ^^

Fear not, I'm almost finished.

And I'm loving it. You are officially the most awesome personthatIknowbuthavenevermet.

Cipherqueen said...

Dude. Aspen. Stop stealing my lines! (Kidding. Samawesomepersonyes.)

My mom went to the book store for once in about 16 months- and bought me every Jane Austen book in existence. Not that I've anything against Jane Austen, she's done great work, but... *heavy sigh* I'd rather pick them out myself instead of being forced to read them.

*crashes down on bed*

Three hours of listening to how Hollywood and the new music idols have destroyed America and all books are going digital and how "only mystery writers will continue to make money because they relate to human beings".


Did I mention that I wanted to start a rock band sometime?

Sam said...

Maggie: I know, I love the cover. I really want the Replacements. I also am gng through withdrawal. And Adrian better not die. Oddly enough, these books have gotten a certain goofy friend (the one who's name starts with B and who has an obsession with bad boys) obsessed with reading. The last book she read was Twilight, and that was two years ago. High praise.
Girl In Between: Thanks!
Sarah: Amazon really is a beautiful place. :P I'm kind of obsessive that way.
Aspen: YAY MY EDITS AREN'T PURE SUCK. Nor is the layout. (Thanks btw on both. I care a tad more about the first, but the second is still good to hear. Ahem.)
Cipherqueen: -blushes- I'm feeling very well liked. I'm not sure how to deal with this. -hands out cookies to all-
...I would die with all Jane Austen. Just saying.
Mystery authors only? -offended- I've never really read many mysteries. I think chick lit relates much more. And I love obnoxious music.
You should start a band. It would be fantabulous.