Friday, July 30, 2010

Foreign Friday: Linger by Maggie Stiefvater (And kinda Shiver)

So you guys liked the idea of Foreign Friday! YAY! -does happy dance-
What's that? Are you accusing me of just liking the idea of an easy post?
...I am ASHAMED that you would think that. -huffs-
-shifty eyes-
Anyway. You have no idea how enthralled I am by other countries versions of The Dark Evil Website (AKA Amazon) and how many hours I've spent fluttering through the pages. (Well. Hour. My internet only came back to life an hour ago.)
Anyway again.
Today I am showing you the many faces of LINGER! By the fabulous Maggie Stiefvater!
I have a soft spot for Maggie Stiefvater. She did a Skype chat at my library and I've kind of been in author love with her ever since. She's seriously hilarious and aggravatingly adorable. And Linger? Um, okay. Here's my review.
(I realize capitol letters are extreme. That's okay. Because this book is SO WORTH IT.)
Don't get me wrong. I liked Shiver.
I loved Linger.
It's told in four voices and I loved every single one. I liked Grace and I felt that she had perhaps the most realistic parents that I'd seen. (For her particular depiction, I mean.) I kinda think Sam is amazing, though it disturbs me that we share the same name. I loved Cole. And Isabel is just kick butt.
I cried, even though I saw the end coming.
I sat and marveled at how beautiful the writing is, and then marveled at how it could still be so pretty and yet move so fluidly.
But before I show you all the Linger covers, I'm going to cheat and show you a Shiver cover. And it's my blog. So don't judge me for cheating. This cover? Yeah, the German cover for Shiver. And HOLY CRAP.
     German edtion of Shiver by Telltale Crumbs.
-stares with extreme jealousy- -debates moving to Germany-
Oh, wait. I don't speak German. 
Well. That stinks. I guess I'll just have to move on. 
Onto Linger, the book I actually meant to do. Yay!
This is the Italian cover of Linger. It's pretty and pink and very different than the others. But I'm weirdly fond of it. It does make it look as if told from one of the girl's point of view purely though.
Italian edtiion of Linger
This is the United Kingdom version of Linger. Actually, I'm really fond of that one too. It kind of conveys 
the dark side of the novel, and there's something . . . like, edgy about it.
Also, I am now aware that Shiver was voted Best Book To Curl Up With by Glamour Magazine. 
See, I would agree. But now I've read Linger.

However, since it is so new, those are the only covers I could find. Sorry, sorry! I promise, next week I'll try and find a book with more covers. For now, I'm gonna be lame and post a few of Shiver's. I wouldn't, but there really are some beautiful covers.
(But I wanted to tell you how much I love Linger. Don't judge me. Please.)
French Shiver Frisson Cover
This is French. And obviously, French people rock. Not just in the Stephanie Perkins upcoming book. But in this cover as well. Behind the German cover, this is my favorite.
-now debating becoming French-
(I've heard the boys are cute. Plus, the food is supposed to be good. Ooh, and I've always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower.)
Wait. I'm taking Spanish. Crap.
So I need to learn German. And French. Oh, and Bulgarian.
Bulgarian, you say? Why, Sam, why would you need to learn that?
Bulgarian edition of SHIVER
Why, because of that cover!
And now I've spent half the post on Shiver.
Sorry. I didn't mean to. But they're all so pretty!
And I promise, if you haven't read Linger yet, you should.
Because seriously? It is as amazing as that French cover and German cover combined.
What about you? What's your favorite? Have you read Linger? 
Wasn't it AWESOME?


Maggie said...


Ahem. Very good, Sam. These covers are all quite lovely. However, I'm drooling over the German. Are German boys cute? Does it matter(yes)? I am going to Germany. You can come if you like.

Sam said...

Of all time? -raises eyebrow-
I loved it, but it has yet to beat Catching Fire. Close, though.
We'll go together.
-skips away-
-realizes boys are not much cuter than Americans-
-skip back with German copy of Shiver in tow-

Cipherqueen said...

Oohh, we'll have to demand our agents to sell our book production rights to other countries just for the covers!

Mesa lovs dose coverz. :p *drooling*

Sam said...

Cipherqueen: They're so pretty. I might be in love. I am feeling unhappy with America. -drools-

Sam said...
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Anggy R. A. said...

Hey, I can't wait to read Linger.. In my country it's not published yet. But this is the Indonesian cover of Shiver Cool, huh?! ^_^