Friday, July 23, 2010

Foreign Cover Friday? Maybe?

Okay, so I like foreign covers. That was established a while back, here. And covers from different countries still enthrall me. So I've been wondering about doing a weekly installment (because, ahem, I think it would be easier if I had at least one weekly post) with a mini book review, along with the different covers for a book. I'll put the cover from the United States for those of you who are cool enough to live somewhere else (not that I don't love the U.S., but seeing as it's all I've ever known . . .) Plus, now I can do reviews for books that I love but never got around to reviewing.
Anyway, I'll do at least this week. If you think it's a good idea, tell me, please!
Up for today: Graceling, by Kristin Cashore.

I bet a lot of you have read this book. It goes back to the days of hard fantasy, but it has a twist of a kind of modern idea. I think the American cover is really good at showing that. The modern idea is called 'Graces' -- special talents the some people posses. Some of these people can cook. Some of these people can tell fantastic stories. But Katsa? Katsa's got the Grace to kill.
And quite honestly? She's kinda bad a$$. Just saying.         The cover to the left of this sentence is the United Kingdom, Australian, and New Zealand cover, and I think it probably reflects her bada$$-ness best.                                          It's haunting and pretty and probably a little bit more modern than some of the others.                                                     The cover on the right is Finnish. And WOW that doesn't look like something I would necessarily see in Borders, which is kind of cool. It's almost like an old painting you would see, and I like the background -- it reflects the story in an amazing way.
And then there's the other cover, the one on the left. 
It doesn't even look like the same book! It's Portuguese. And the one on the right? Well, can you guess? 
Yup. Chinese.
That definitely doesn't look like the same book. 
I would guess that she's a sorcerer or a fairy or something. And there is so not anything wrong with fairies. 
And . . . That's it! Well, that isn't it, but I figure four is probably enough. I might come back to this one later -- Kristin Cashore is amazing about keeping them all in one spot.
So what do you think? Keep doing this? Or let it die?


Amber said...

Yes. Yes. Imagine me nodding. I like this idea. It's clever.
You're kind of clever, though. (Great now I sound freaky.) It was meant in a good way.
Graceling was such a great book. I love the Chinese cover!

Maggie said...

Of course I hate the idea and will harrass you each week if you continue doing these. Take that what you will.

However, I am quite (INSANELY) fond of Graceling, and even though the idea of weekly posts sucks, this was a good book choice. I'm rather loving the Chinese cover, because is it very magical. Like the book. -nods-

Wasn't this a riveting comment?

(Um, so maybe I lie.) (I thought we covered this when we first became friends?) (Anyways, I might be kind of in love with the idea of weekly posts.) (You know, whatever.) (Ahem.)

Samantha said...

I like seeing covers from different countries. I think it's interesting as well as a great reflection of pop culture in each country. I say keep doing it. :)

Thanks for the post on my blog!

Sarah said...

I love this idea! Graceling was a good book too :]

BTW, you're blog looks amazing! Please do more foreign cover fridays!

sheisreading said...

I think the foreign cover Friday is a great idea. Keep it up!

Sam said...

Amber: Hah, thank you. -preens- I like being told I'm clever. Ahem. I loved Graceling too.
Maggie: ...You confuse me. Ahem again. -eyes time of comment- Sleep deprivation. That must be it.
Kidding lol. I like the Chinese one too.
Samantha: No problem! I love seeing it too. It's really amazing to see how different people interpret the story.
Sarah: Thank you! I will. :P
Heather: Thanks! I think I am going to.

Maggie said...

( *offended* My sarcasm sucks at five in the morning, okay? Don't make fun. )

Sam said...

Maggie: Ahem. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I really dislike the Finnish cover as it makes Katsa look like a brute and she really is not. I think the English cover represents Katsa the best. I agree with you about the Chinese cover, too faerie-ish