Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hard to Read

Hey, all.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I changed it.
And might be changing it again. But someone told me that while the black background was cool, it was hard on the eyes.
And I don't want to be hard on the eyes. That's why I wear makeup. So I'm putting new, blue makeup on my blog.
Plus, you know, making my own header. It really wasn't all that had and I felt lame using a premade one.
Sigh. Sorry. I'm so bad. My apologies. I've had this blog a year now (A YEAR OMG WOW) and it's probably seen like, ten different backgrounds. Or, um, fifteen.
-ducks head-
Sorry, as well, for the hiatus lately, and the picture posts (not the Harry Potter one as much. I love Harry Potter. And I would have posted that regardless.) But I'll have the promised book review up, promise. I've been rewriting Altered (under instruction from a veeeery reliable person) and it's eating my time. (I'm talking 'open-new-document-and-scrap-all-but-six-chapters' rewrite here. I have kept my friends and family loving me, but my reading time has been hacked.) It's been ten days, though, and I'm within 10k of being done.
So. I promise, as soon as that happens, I will become a good person again.
Stick with me, please. I just reached 50 followers and am so, so ecstatic about that. Thank you all, seriously. I know to a lot of you that seems like a puny number, but it excited me. But I'm just cool like that.
(Right, she asked desparetly? Cool?)
Anywho. More, real posts, later. I suggest looking at all the pretty Harry Potter pics below if you feel the need for substance.
More later. Soon.
I promise.
No, really. Don't roll your eyes! I mean it!


Zanil Hyder said...

You have quite some followers :)

Nice blog.

Maggie said...


So a year, huh? ZOMG EXCITING. :D However, I must say in this year you've changed it like, 24 times. -nods gravely- There was a point in the beginning, when we discovered that one site, that you changed it very often. I'm just sayin. Hehe.

Altered is my baby. I am it's godmother therefore I love it. Mhmm.

Sigh. I want 50 followers. (Anyone reading comments, FOLLOW MY BLOG. I just need four more!) (Don't you love that I harrass you're readers?) (Sorry, readers.) Anyways, you have 50 because you're made of amazing. And that, my friend, is a fact.

Maggie out. *gangstah hands*

Anonymous said...

Congrats on gaining 50 followers!

cipherqueen said...

C'mon. I'm worse. You know I am.

50 followers is excellent!- but then, I'd feel horrible every time I forgot about my blog. Now I do it and no one notices. Heh. *hides face*

I like your logo. Scratch that. I LOVE your logo.

-Entering critical design maniac stage-
The blue is nice, watery background plus, reddish purple outline seems out of place, but I like the black and... meh. I'll stop now. Will probably change my background now.