Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm feeling cool

I finished the bulk of my rewrites.
Now I have to edit.
And then edit again.
And then figure out how to find beta readers, edit, edit, edit, and THEN I will be done.
And dudddde. That is a scary thought.
I am sitting here, watching Harry Potter on ABC and reveling in my almost doneness. I like editing. I like being almost done. There is a finish line off in the distance. (For writing this particular story. It's really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.)
Anyway. I just felt the need to update since I totally wasn't expecting it to happen that fast. (As, um, you can see by yesterday's post.)
Of course, to reach true happiness, I need to pass my driver's test this week. -sigh- Somehow, I'm not feeling that.
Oh, great. Now I'm depressed.
If you'll excuse me, I'm going to stare at Rupert Grint instead of worrying about it
um, gonna go practice driving.
More later.


Girlinbetween said...

YAAAAAY for finishing first drafts!

Aspen said...


Did you know that I like beta reading?

*whistles* *rolls eyes innocently*

Just sayin'

Sam said...

Girlinbetween: YES! I agree. -grins-
Aspen: Really? That would make you my new favorite person. (Behind Alex Pettyfer. And possibly Maggie, because, um, she might stab me if I put someone other than Alex Pettyfer in front of her.) I can give you my email on twitter.

Maggie said...

*dances* YOU'RE DONE!

Edits are a piece of cake. You're gonna be done in no time and onto the road to FAMOUS AUTHORDOM. And I will have to paw at your arm to try to get your attention and maybe chase your feet like a puppy. I will be very needy because my bestest friend is all famous and then I'll have to resort to mooching.

Or, you know, I'll just head straight to the mooching. This option is most probable, actually.

Oh, and by the way, I would never stab you. Not really. Maybe pumble with stuffed animals or something, but not stab. Stabs are messy.

Maggie said...

I would like to know how I keep leaving things out of my comments.

You will pass your driver's test and you will be awesome and then we will go out, in different cars, because it's much more fun driving when you don't have a parent nagging and can appreciate the fact that you have a car and are awesome, and celebrate. With icecream. From Andy's. Yummmmm!

Fun Fact: When I typed 'things' in de sentence one, it originally came out 'thugs'. I thought about keeping it that one.

Fun Fact 2: That whole long sentence about driving doesn't really make sense.

Not-Fun Fact 3: Don't you absolutely love how I kill your comments?

Aspen said...

I tweeted you!