Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Five Reasons to Watch Eclipse

Okay, so the internet has decided to be my life long enemy. My family lost our internet acess this past week (insert a long suffering look) and so I haven't been able to update. Sorry...Blame the Internet Gods of Evil.
However. I did get to go see the latest Twilight movie this past week. I actually wasn't expecting much. See, I went to go watch Twilight because I was excited. I went to New Moon because I liked the book. But neither movie was all that fantabulous, at least in my opinion, especially since the books were so good.
Eclipse, though? It was wonderful. There are many lovely reasons for that, but I can give you at least five goods one.
Reason Number One:

Reason Number Two:

Reason Number Three:

(He is really freaking cute in the movie)

Reason Number Four:

Reason Number Five:

Robert-Pattinson-robert-pattinson-5.jpg image by Robtwilight09

Just so you know, that is reason enough for me. Possibly reason enough to go see it again.
(Boy do NOT look like that in small town Missouri high school. Just saying.)
Anyway, that's it for now. I'll post a book review when my house decides that it'll deign to have internet wired again. I hope the American's had a good 4 of July without blowing anyone you liked to smithereens. 
More later.


Kendra Logan said...

Riley = <3

XD I was like :O in the theater XD


Sam said...

Me too. I was staring pretty much the entire time and attacking my friend's arm. It was like...Edward who?

Maggie said...


Oh. Ahem.

I like this post. Very muchly. -nods-

Eclipse = Awesome. And... yeah. That's all. Bye!
*skips away*

Sam said...

Maggie: Hehe. Thanks. And that's fine. I'm marrying Riley. I don't care that he's evil. I'm marrying him. And Alex Pettyfer.

Aspen said...

I just came from Eclipse... for the second time... ^^ And I agree... who's Edward? Team Riley!!!

And it doesn't hurt that he has an Australian accent... yum <3

Eclipse was totally better than Twilight and New Moon... funnier, more intense, more action packed, and HOTTER!

Anyway. Sam I just wanted to let you know that three utterly and completely unrevised chapters are up on inkpop and it would be an honor if you read them =D (they are utterly and completely unrevised because I suck at beginnings, I write them last. If my book is 80k, then I've written words 30k-70k. That's just how I write. But when I put it on inkpop I can't start on chapter 10 now can I?) So these three are test chapters two see if they spark some interest.

Let me know! =D

Sam said...

Aspen: No problem! I'll check it out now.
And I completely agree. Eclipse was great. One of my guy friends even agreed, which was surprising. He isn't too big on that stuff but he said it actually kept him entertained.

Maggie said...

So I was reading over this again and thought I'd comment on something I missed before.


Okay, that was all. :)