Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cheer, please

My sister went to college today. My make up is safe, a pair of black shoes have mysteriously disappeared, and my car looks lonely in the driveway. (Actually, my car looks like it's reveling in its new and enlarged space.) I will have to walk myself through math. When something bad happens with a boy, I'm going to have to deal with it by myself. I won't have to fight to save Vampire Diaries from endless CSI reruns. 
But I miss my sister.
No hat to steal, either.
So your turn. Link to something pretty. Or cute. Or funny. I'm emo and depressed today. No news on the oil spill. No pictures of sad puppies. 
Cheer me up, please. 


Amber said...

I found that site off yours. Thanks for that. :D
Hope you feel better.

Kendra Logan said...

Sisterly love. Nothing like it :(/:)

Of course:

This one makes me O_O:

Three is a magic number:

I follow Cassandra Clare on Twitter (maybe you do too) and heard someone suggesting this guy as Jace. Not bad. No one is Alex Pettyfer, but not bad:



And just one more before you decide to further mark me as spam XD:

There, I'm done. Hope you feel better soon :)


Sam said...

Amber: Bahaha, I love the juicy couture photo. Poor dogs! And Alex Pettyfer is pretty. :P And Princesses! OOH PRINCESSES!!!
-grins- Thank you.

Kendra: OOOH. A NEW pretty blonde boy. And an OLD pretty blonde boy!
(Who knew there were so many pretty blonde boys in the world?)
Thanks. :P I'm better. I was just sad that night. I had no one to talk to at midnight. It was very sad.