Monday, August 16, 2010

School Bell Ringing

Today was the first day of Junior year. And ZOMG, guess what?
I'm learning stuff already!
For instance, I've learned that walking into a math classroom? Yeah. I automatically am gifted with a headache.
I know. I know. -shines nails on collar- It's a true super power.
Oh, and in English? That headache mysteriously disappears. It is a magic, disappearing headache.
I have also learned that drama does not dissipate over the summer. For instance, at lunch:

Boy: That one chick isn't sitting with us is she?
Me: -raises eyebrows- Well, that is her purse. So yeah.
Boy: God, no!
Friend next to me: What?
Boy: Dude, the food already tastes bad. Let's not make it smell too.

Oh. So this is why people don't like high school.
-rolls eyes-
Actually, it's not all that bad.  It was fun telling him how stupid he was.
Sadly enough, teachers do have a problem with me reading books in their class. Even American Government. And trying to tell them that books teach you important stuff, much more important than the little notecards being passed around that declare MY NAME IS SAM AND I LIKE PURPLE does not work very well.
See? Lookie! I'm learning about PRINCESSES. Yeah, that's right.
Other than that, though, it's good.
I have learned that I do not look good in snot green. This is the color National Honor Society demands. I believe the heinous cut and torturous color is to assure that the freshmen don't develop crushes on the upper classmen.
-pets the freshmen- I have also learned that freshmen are cute, like puppies.
(Not really. But I feel as if I don't say enough obnoxious WHAT NOW, I'M A JUNIOR phrases. Excuse my overcompensating.)
I've learned that I can actually park my car. That's nice. I've also learned that just because I can park, that does not guarantee that the convertible next to me can. So, when backing up, I have learned that you must do obnoxious thing to assure that you don't get your car smacked.
Ooh. And when driving to the library, I learned that eldery women tailgating me and dangling a cigarette out their window inexplicably make my car drive slower, the windows roll down, and the music go up.
Weird how that works, huh?
All in all, I think it'll be a good year. English looks fun, Debate should be good, History is eh, Math and Chemistry Shall No Longer Be Named, and World History might kick my butt. I've yet to decide. Oh, and I'm actually supposed to hablar espanol in Spanish 3.
Buenos Dias! Adios! Hablamos!
El chico es muy guapo! Or--wait. Is it mucho?
No. Muy. Maybe.
How bout you? How was your first day of school? Or have you not had it yet? (YOU LUCKY.) Or, if you are of the SUAVE older peeps, you should tell me about your college experience. Give me hope for a shiny, pretty time.
More later.


Holly Schindler said...
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Holly Schindler said...

I'm pretty sure there outta be a worldwide law stating first days of school should ALWAYS be on a Friday...they're just exhausting. Need the weekend to recoup. Congrats on the first day down!

gina said...

your posts make me smile :) sounds like a good first day!

I have three more weeks until i go back...but i'm not that lucky since i have to do insane summer assignments.

good luck with your classes!

Sarah said...

That post makes me actually excited for school!

Junior is grade 11, right? The only time I EVER see the freshman/junior/senior/sophmore(?) thing used is in books... and I never have any idea how old the characters are :P

Cipherqueen said...

Wow, you make me feel lucky. School starts next Wed. for me. But then I had summer homework *takes full advantage of that cruel situation to extract pity*.

Ha...drama... *crickets chirping* Though I have a friend who gossips. I don't know the people she talks about, and when I do know them I still say nothing.

My first day is thus planned: Library. Books. Buy a planner. Then help with ASB rally, jet out of Statistics for half the class, and show off my sparkly dress to my skater chick/cowgirl bud in ASL. Who may demand I get a boyfriend, to which I will give her a blank stare and shrug.

Yup. ^.^ Can't wait.

Lyla said...

Whoa! Why are you in school already?? Mine doesn't start until August 30th... *ducks to avoid your jealous right hook*.

Haha the freshmen do get smaller every year. It's kind of interesting and sad at the same time.

Sam said...

Holly: I agree. Of course, teachers have decided to ignore the fact that it's the first week. I've got literally hours of homework. (I got home at 3. It's 5:30. I'm done and now have to study for Spanish.)
-stares hopefully at weekend-
Thanks, though. :P

Gina: Hah, thanks. That stinks about the summer assignments. We didn't have those, at least. Good luck to you as well!

Sarah: I'm an 11th grader. :P 16, third year. -shrugs- All of the above.

Sigh. I have 12 pages to read in english, 30 problems in Alegbra 2, maps of FORTY FRICKING RIVERS to memorize by Friday, a review in Spanish and Chem vocab. I'm debating hiding under my blankets.
Gossip and drama stink. And yet they refuse to dissipate.
The outfit sounds good, though. :P

Lyla: Ooh, lucky! -frowns- I don't know why we're here so early. Don't they know that Mockingjay comes out next Tuesday? Don't they know NOTHING will get done that day?
The freshman are hiding this year, it seems. :P I see very few of them.

Aspen said...

Your driving skills sound exquisite. I am actually starting school tomorrow. That doesn't stop me from already having nasty, evil, terrifyingly hard Calculus homework.

Oh yeah, I'm one of those older peeps. I'm in college. That's what you get. Homework before school has even started.

And to think this Calculus class is something I brought upon myself. An elective.

What? I CHOSE to take Calculus?


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