Friday, August 6, 2010

Foreign Friday: Forest Of Hands And Teeth by Carrie Ryan

(Hush. I know I already posted my thoughts on the Forest of Hands And Teeth a while ago. So I'll just post the pretty pictures. I know that's the most important part.)
To me, that looks more like the zombie than the MC. Yowza.

Though, admittable enough, that is not my favorite of the covers. 

However, I will say this. I didn't love this book. I did, however, love the sequel. The sequel hasn't been out long enough for foreign covers, though, so we're going with the first.
The American version. It really is a creepy cover. It was the first of its kind, too -- I remember thinking how creepy and disturbing it was. Now, a ton of other books seem to have copied it.
However, the Brazilian cover? Yeah, I think it wins the points for creepy.

Below is the cover for France. Is it just me, or do you kinda get the Little Red Riding Hood vibe?
Below is the cover from Greece.
Now, before you look at it, I would like to tell you this. Yeah, the name of the publishing company?
I classify that as a WIN.

And then there is Germany. -pets Germany- -glares at all the German folk-
You guys? Yeah, why do you all have such awesome covers?

GEESH. I want that cover. I like that cover, and I have decided that someday, that is what my hair is going to look like.
-glances at hair-
...Or not.
More later.


Karen said...

Love foreign covers of books! I also like the German cover :( Wish they had used that one for the US publications.
Meg Cabot also likes to post the foreign covers of her books and plays guessing games on what they are.

Cipherqueen said...

Is it bad that I like the U.S. cover the least? The German one told me so much more, with the cloaked people, forest, and magically-flown hair. ;D

Maggie said...


Lisa Gail Green said...

That was really interesting, seeing all those covers from the different countries! I never really thought about it before. I agree though, I want hair like that. I'd even fight a few zombies for it.

Sam said...

Karen: I love them too. German people are so much cooler.
Dude, I love Meg Cabot. :P I want to be her someday.

Ciperqueen: The U.S. cover isn't the worst, in my opinion, but it isn't my favorite. And again; German's are cool.

Maggie: YES.

Lisa: -ponders- I might be willing to kick some zombie butt for hair that always looked like that. And if I could get some ninja fighting skills in the process, well, I'll take what I can get.v:P