Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh, schnoodle

I was going to post yesterday. I promise. I even had half the post written up. I figured that hey, I'll go babysit, come home at like, 10, and then post the blog.
Yeah. Well, the neighbors didn't come home till midnight. (Actually, they didn't come home then. They called me and told me I could just go home.) (I then proceeded to fall asleep, in full makeup and without changing. Sweats are pajamas too.)
I debated putting one up today, but I figured I might as well wait till next week, because the post I have planned is a little lengthy and, well, quite frankly, if I'm gonna post a shiny pretty post about foreign covers, then dangit, it's gonna be on a Friday.
In other news, I'd like to ask When Did High School Become Difficult?
I have always prided myself on not having to study. And then I go ahead and take STUPID COLLEGE COURSES. Why are they STUPID? Because. They are hard. (This is my round about way to saying sorry for being a sucky blogger. I promise, it'll be better. I'm learning how to prepost things. Isn't that ninja?)
So. Continuing . . .
Actually, no, not continuing. I'm going to go be ninja and write posts for this week. There'll be a book review tomorrow.
And for now, I give you a picture of a schnoodle.

Yes. Not only are they freakishly adorable, but the name makes a wonderful curse word.
-schnoodles!- I mean . . . tootles?
More later.


Cipherqueen said...

High school. Hard. AP courses- not fun. Well, unless there are fun people in them.

Read foreign cover article. Mom is overjoyed that I am under 100 pounds.

*ponders first day of school again*

My friends will probably stuff food down my throat. Undoubtably.

Sam said...

Foreign cover article??
...How tall are you, dearling? You are very thin. Just sayin.
I have fun people in most of my classes, at least. :P

Aspen said...

Schnoodles is possibly, no, definitely, the cutest dog breed name ever. Ok, they're not a breed, they're hybrids, but who cares. I actually met a really nice Canadian girl in London who had a Schnoodle back home. We talked about how much we missed our puppies. Ehm.

Cipherqueen said...

*laughs* 5' exact. 5'2" with the right shoes *give proud smile*

What? I'm still short? *huffs*

Though I can see my ribs again...and thought "Dude, I'm freakin' unhealthy for a total M!" M=magician (my substitue for the gangster talk)

Then I gobbled down pizza at 9 p.m. guiltlessly. And woke up to severe tummy explosions. At 5:10 a.m. For school.

*glares at ASB rally*