Monday, March 8, 2010

Hey, look, it's me

Well, I find this cool. Holly Schindler interviewed me.
(Yeah, I know. Someone actually wants to hear me ramble? WEIRD. Oh, wait. You're reading my blog, so....*Awkward cough.*)
Anyway, it's here.


cipherqueen said...

;D See? You're more awesome than you give yourself credit for. And you have VERY good taste in books.

Sam said...

Hah, thank you. :D
And I pride myself on my book taste, lol. Actually, I pride myself/my mother. Half the stuff I read, she finds.

Aspen said...

Wow, awesome awesome awesome! =D you did us YA readers justice!

I felt really old though - when I moved from the states me and my friends back there exchanged handwritten letters for years - sigh. Oh well, there aren't a lot of kids that can say that they were addicted to computers at the age of four, which is also true about me, so =D

Anyways, great job! =D