Monday, March 29, 2010

There will be more . . .

On Thursday.
I really wanted to do a quality post today, but I can't even think about dragons. Yes. That's how stressed I am. Even DRAGONS are beyond my emotional capacity.
Yeah. I look at that, and I think 'I could blog about that.'
Lie. Blatant lie.
I almost started talking about friendship, and then I almost started talking about stereotypes, and then I almost started whining about my English homework, and so now?
Now, I'm just going to tell you what's in my head.
Unfortunately for my GPA, that isn't much. I'm just really nervous.
If my story, Altered, can stay in the top five on the website until 11 at night on Wednesday, it will be going to the editors at HarperCollins.FLAME-1.jpg picture by opurpledragon
(Cipherqueen made the cover. I'm hoping that if I use enough pictures, you'll be distracted from how boring I'm being.)
*Deep breath.*
Even if it doesn't make it this month, it will next month. That's what I keep thinking. I haven't been promoting very well in March; my internet has been shoddy at times, and Inkpop kills the bandwith for some reason. To be on for one night will kill it for two days sometimes. So . . .yeah, promoting hasn't been really viable. I've done some on my phone, but it's not really the same.
On one hand, that's kinda cool. It means that Altered made it to the top through merit as well as promotion.
On the other, promotion is SO MUCH of this that, quite honestly, if my lack of it comes back and bites me, then I can't say I didn't deserve it.
That said . . .
I really hope that doesn't come back and bite me.
It's not that I'm expecting a contract. It's not that I'm even expecting a great review. I'm actually expecting my story to be shredded.
But hey; by real editors?
Please. Go ahead and shred my story. They've got to know more than I do, and that's the only one who's been doing editing so far. I want Altered to be the best I can be, because starting in May, I think I'm gonna try querying agents again. I did it stupidly last time. Not enough editing. Not enough confidence and definitely not enough grammatical fixes.
Anyway. Sorry. This was seriously boring, huh?
Well, I'm gonna go watch brainless, mind numbing television off of the DVR and do some read swaps on my phone. I might even do my homework.
Or...You know...
Maybe not...


Aspen said...

I'm nervous for you! Altered will hang in there, it's been in the top five long enough ;)


good luck sweetie!

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I'm cheering for you! Good luck! You better keep me posted.

Sam said...

Aspen: As of right now, it's almost there. Thank you.
Sarah: I will! Thank you! :P