Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Warning: Girlyness shall ensue

I have a secret. It's seriously quite astonishing. In fact, it's down-right mind boggling.
You ready?
I may look fifteen. I may act fifteen. In fact, I probably even act older. The truth, though?
I'm secretly six and a half.
*Nods seriously.*
I get the feeling you aren't believing me. Maybe it's my grammar, or my spelling. I've got too tight a handle on that, right? No. See, no fifteen year old could get as jumpy and squealy over a Disney cartoon as I did about ten seconds ago.

Yes. That is, indeed, Rapunzel.
And yes. I will, indeed, go to see that in theaters.http://c0181321.cdn.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/PH9KL99hrFutce_1_m.jpg
Hehe. I love Princess movies. (Shut up. I can be six if I wanna.)
Even if they have changed the name to 'Tangled' in hopes that more guys will watch the movie. Apparently, you see, Princess and the Frog didn't make enough. (222 million. I wish that were a paltry sum in my book.)
Still. I'm more excited for Rapunzel than I was Princess and the Frog--not that I wasn't excited for that too.
Sigh. I wanna be a Princess. I wanna have a pet Alligator. I'll pass on the creepy snake though.
Anyway. In order to fulfill my renewed childhood status, I'm off to play with my barbies and paint my nails with silvery sparkles.
Actually, I'm going to go watch American Idol.
...And yes. I'm going to watch American Idol while painting my nails with silvery sparkles.http://www.metroparkusa.com/media/dynamic/1258741955.65336.1.jpg
Ahem. If it makes it better, I'll also be doing Honors Geometry homework. I do, after all, have a brain.

....I take it back. Lord, just let me be six again.


Alissa said...

I think everyone needs to embrace their inner princess once in awhile.

Kendrabelle Logan said...





I AM SO EXCITED! Oh my gosh! Haha, too bad we don't know each other in real life or we could go together.

We have so much in common, lol!


Lisa Green said...

When I was your age (I know, dating myself) The Little Mermaid came out. And it was by far my favorite movie. I can't wait to see Rapunzel - oh I mean Tangled.

Aspen said...

ooohh Rapunzel! about time!

every girl is a princess in her own way =)

I admire you for even beginning to understand that kind of math!

pretty pretty sparkles fit for a princess!

Sam said...

Alissa: Yeah, I do too. :P Sadly, public highschool is not always the best place for that, lol--therefor, movies like that get to be my release.
Kendra: I know, I can't wait! Hah, and yeah, we really do seem to.
Lisa: Little Mermaid was one of the great loves of my childhood--well, Eric was. The rest just inspired me to dance around like a maniac, singing along.
Aspen: I know, I've been waiting for a while on that one.
Sadly, I don't really understand the math. I just plod around until I stumble towards a somewhat acceptable answer.

cipherqueen said...

Cute ;D I'm still staring at the brick wall of taking Statistics next year. Why? Because I love the teacher. :) And I think I just might be able to handle it.

Now AP Chemistry? Ummm....because they might not offer it next year...? Because I'd rather not dissect a mink in Physiology...?

Junior year is gonna crush me...

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I've been really excited about the Rapunzel movie too-can't wait! And I'm an adult and still want to be six and love princess movies-you never grow out of it. :)