Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is it okay?

Fairy tales were the building blocks of my childhood. I can recite more stories about princess's, good hearted robbers, and talking animals than most people even knew existed. If you've read my blog for a while, you've probably seen the books I've posted that are spins of fairy tales.
It started with Disney, right? I mean, we all remember those. The Princess's, and the heroes, and the evil, evil bad guys.
Or girls, I guess. Evil doesn't discriminate.
The funny thing about that is, most of the Disney versions of fairy tales--arguably the most well known adaptations of classic tales--don't stick to the 'real' story. I mean, in the Grimm version of Cinderella (no pun intended) the step sisters mutilate their feet so they can fit into the glass slipper. In Beauty and the Beast, the dad is a jerk who gives up his daughter willingly.
Is it bad that they changed the story?
I don't think so. Disney's version of Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite. and as for Cinderella, I would have been one traumatized little kid to see cartoon characters start hacking off their feet.
Why do people get so angry, then, when stories are changed? I'm asking about this because of Alice in Wonderland; it's coming out tomorrow, right? Well, I was looking at reviews and stuff, and there are people who are ticked off that Tim Burton changed it so much.
Personally, I think it's kinda awesome.
People are mad that Alice is a 'champion' or a 'warrior.' Dude. Personally? How cool is that?!
I would much rather spend two hours and change of my life checking out a new version of an old story than seeing the same story twice.
(Plus, you know...It just kinda looks awesome.)
What about any of you? Does it make you mad when you see old stories changed?


Aspen said...

I personally remember Cinderella with the feet mutilating. That's how my dad read it to me. I think you have to evaluate every change for itself - the toe and heel hacking of the ugly sisters was obviously something that would be cut.

I look at Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland as a spin-off, rather than a changed original story. I LOVE the idea of Alice going back to Wonderland when she's older! (They could have found a cuter girl to play Alice though, and I hate Anne Hathaway, but Johnny Depp will overshine every flaw the movie will have! Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter, that says it all!)

I personally love spin-offs like that, but like if someone took Harry Potter and made him into a hunk jock in a high school that fell in love with Hermione the cheerleader at the end, (SO many things wrong with that scenario I can't even begin to describe it! Hr+R forever!) I would probably go do something very bad to that person :P

So yeah, carefully, well done changes are good :D

And just to make this a little longer... I'm on chapter five of your story and LOVE it! =D it's a mix of Uglies and the Mortal Instruments in a bitter-sweet dystopia. Love it! You go girl!

Miss Pickwickian said...

I think it's great that they changed the child's version of the fairy tales to be nicer....

When the audience isn't nessesarily little children I don't know so much... Why don't they just write their own story? Personally, I would be pretty mad if they messed up a book I wrote even if it was good changes. After still belongs to the author.

I think the Alice in Wonderland thing is more of a add-on then a change of the original story, which isn't so bad. :-)

I think books are pretty sacred to their creators though, and shouldn't be messed with to much. At least if the author is still around. ;-)

Sam said...

Aspen: Spin off--that's a good way to put it. I adore the idea, personally. However, you're right. If someone touched Harry Potter, there would be horror. I love those books way too much.
Aw, thanks! I like that comment, lol. What's your account on inkpop, anyway? I'll look you up. :)
Miss Pickwickian: Hi! I think it's nice too. And yeah, I'd be pretty ticked if someone changed my book. That must be a pretty weird feeling for an author who's still alive to see it.

Aspen said...

my inkpop account is just "aspen" ;) I don't have anything up yet... my story isn't finished ;)

Aspen said...

Oh my gosh put more chapters on inkpop - NOW!

cipherqueen said...

I have a feeling if my book does get published it will be mutilated anyway... I mean, it essentially dips into every time period including the present (overall) and almost every major issue, so...

I'm ready for it. Slightly.

Sam said...

Aspen: Haha, I'm glad u like it.
Cipherqueen; Me too. Sigh. Me too. However, I would be so excited to be published I doubt I would even care.