Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yeah, I totally lied

You know that picture of what Missouri looked like?
You know. The trees and all that fun stuff?
Sure, that's what it looked like . . . Yesterday. Trees. Green.
Wanna know what today looks like?
I'm not joking.
I might post pics of what my back yard looks like, but that seems to be a fair-ish bet.
Yes, Winter. I'm sorry that your time is over. I really am. You poor, poor little child.
But please, Winter.
Let us have Spring.
Pretty, pretty please?

*Added note*
Formspring--the thing in the corner of my blog--is weirdly entertaining. I'm getting questions about my story on inkpop, and some about the blog. It's kind of cool. I suggest you get one. :P

*Another added note*
There will be book blogging tomorrow. I just want to finish the one I'm reading right now; I'm on Spring Break, so I have time.

See, Winter?
SPRING break. We already had a WINTER break. It was wonderful, really. There was peppermint and presents and this really awesome lip gloss in my stocking. Oh, and the new Word program.
I promise. I'll always remember you, Winter of 2009-10.
But don't be a bully. Let Spring have it's moment, too.
See? Isn't it pretty?
I promise; we'll be waiting for you next year.


Aspen said...

I am so sorry! Spring FINALLY came here... not very warm yet but at least no snow! But it came accompanied by a volcano eruption, so that kind of overshadows everything.

cipherqueen said...

I'm considering doing sounds interesting! ;D

Sam said...

Aspen: Oh, my god, I saw that on the news. Was it really scary?
Cipherqueen: It is interesting! :P

Aspen said...

Hah, no, it wasn't scary =) It's like the... third? eruption since I moved here? I've lost count. Anyway, it wasn't much of an eruption really, as opposed to just lava gushing from a little hole. And it's like 80 miles from the city. What I did find funny though is that the day it started was my first time out of the city this year. And the place I was at was actually just 30 miles from it. I didn't notice it though =P