Saturday, March 6, 2010

Like chocolate, but better

Me, oh my.
This book? Yeah. It was great.
In the world after Harry Potter, there have been a lot of boarding school books. House of the Night, even, is loosely a boarding school book. It's just vamps instead of witches.
In this story, though, they combine vamps, witches, fey, ghosts, and even shapeshifters. And let me just tell you--it works. I started the book with a tad bit of apprehension--I mean, like I said, there are a lot of books in this genre--and at the very start of the novel, I was a little worried this wouldn't be the one of the better ones.
Well, at least I can admit when I'm wrong.
The story built quite well, and there were twists all through out it. I guessed a couple of them--it left me with a quite pleasing 'Hah! I'm intelligent!' feeling. Then came more twists, and I sat there, looking at the page thinking . . . . Holy monkeys--this author is clever!
(These were meant to represent holy monkeys. Instead, I think I've just disturbed not only myself, but you, dear reader. I apologize.)
Anyway, back to the book. The author, Rachel Hawkins, has a blog. She's funny and seems to currently be on tour.
*Take a moment while I mourn my small town status. No authors come near here. It's a sad world.*
Moment over. Anyway, the book was amazing.
And there is a sequel! A sequel I really, really want. Now.
Actually, I think that was part of what I liked about the book. The curse of trilogies is pretty strong in YA, which is great, but I get quite sick of books that don't have a full story without their companions. This book made total sense at the end. Like a box of chocolates, I had total satisfaction and still totally wanted more.
(Dude, a chocolate keyboard. How awesome is that? Yummy.)
However, unlike the monstrosity above, Hex Hall has no calories. In my world, that makes it even better.
Anyway. It's late, and I'm in a rambling mood. G'night, and go read that book.


Lauren said...

want that book so much now...and the chocolate keyboard. Nut if I had one, I wouldn't be able to type for more than a few seconds 'cause I'd eat all the keys...

Oh, and it's still cipherqueen. Silly google accounts...

Lauren said...

And it cut off my "I" And replaced my "Now" with nut. In any other sentece, that could be very problematic...

Julia Karr said...

Sounds like a book I will enjoy! I read your interview at Holly Schindler's blog - very nice indeed!