Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life is good

Today's school day:
Evil math test. Evil science quiz. Inane gym.
However. It was also 'French' day at school, which means they serve coffee ALL DAY. I have yet to have a bad day when there is coffee in abundance.http://lilyladewig.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/iced20coffee.jpg
Then, on bus today, which is normally a place of deep evil, I did not go into corner of emo. Indeed, the screaming children were not even that annoying.
Well. They were. Then this happened.

Me: Maggie. They are so annoying. Why are they so annoying? We were never that annoying.
Maggie: ....Sure, Sam. We were never that annoying. Of course not.
Me: *Turns to speak to friend a few seats back*
Annoying blonde creature: *Grabs my arm.* What's your name?
Me: *Exchanges long suffering look with Maggie.* ... I'm Sam....
Annoying blonde creature: *Blinks.* You're really pretty.
Me: *Blinks back. Turns to Maggie.* Awwww, I like her.

Yes. This is the life of a teenage girl. Call me pretty and I will suddenly approve of you...Unless you are a creeper. Then, you know, I'll pawn you off on my friends.
(Kidding. :P I shall take my friends and run.)
However, what really made the day?
An Amazon book with this stuff inside.

Yup. Today is officially a 'Good Day.'


cipherqueen said...

Congrats! ;D The coffee looks delicious. (Okay, so I've never had coffee, but the caramel squares look irresistable).

And YAY for books!

Aspen said...

yummy coffee and yummy books!

and yay for unexpected compliments!

Sam said...

Cipherqueen: ....You've never had coffee? Oh, you poor depraved child! Someday, we will be on book tour and having mutual signings and I will make you have a starbucks. :P
Aspen: Yes! Hehe. I love them all so very much.