Thursday, July 9, 2009

A few little things

I spent all today at debate camp. It was great. I was hanging out with some of the most intelligent kids around(excluding my rocket scientist sister. No, seriously, at one point she considered it.)
But it was funny. At one point we started talking about a TV show. It's a show that I watch, and it's been driving me crazy lately. I wondered if it was just me, but no. The girl's I talked to agreed with me.
It's called the Secret Life of the American Teenager. You might've heard of it. If you haven't, I can sum it up pretty easily-Teenagers hooking up, and having to deal with the ramifications.
Excuse me.
I am a teenager. I go to high school. I like painting my nails bright colors, and currently a stack of plastic, sparkly bangles adorn my left arm. I count calories sometimes and stay up late texting about Gossip Girl. There are times I spend too much time thinking about guys, sure, but it isn't my entire life. The show is mildly offensive in that our 'Secret Lives' seem to consist of nothing more than hooking up.
I'm not exaggerating. The show's last episode used the word 'sex' 52 times. It's a 45 minute show.
(Yes, I counted. It annoyed me that much.)
Believe me. As a student in a public highschool, things like that aren't talked about to this extent. Especially with parents. And members of the opposite gender. That's much too awkward.
Who knows, maybe the point of the show is being sarcastic about the stupidity of it all or something. But personally, I was offended . . . Just because we're teenagers doesn't mean we're stupid, hormonal idiots. Some of us have written novels; some of us have achievements that are crazy awesome. (Only the first part refers to me. I'm thinking of a couple other people with crazy awesome acheivements.)
Gah. I don't know. It just truly aggravated me. Why I watch the show, I have no idea. At least I'm not alone; the kids I talked to were just as aggravated.
Sorry if this offends someone who happens to lust after the show. It's just personally not my thing.
On the other hand, debate camp was great. . . There was a lot of hyperness and a couple of weirdo frat boys inviting us to keggers. I don't think they realized we were in high school. They also thought they were very gangster, which was interesting as they were a couple of guys at a local university, not dark, dangerous homeboys.
I'd hoped they'd get more mature after highschool . . . Maybe someday?

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