Monday, July 13, 2009

The Pretty People Are Taking Over

I spent yesterday watching Tyra Banks and a whole bunch of uber skinny, uber pretty girls prancing around the television screen. It made me want to look at makeup and clothes and such, and after shopping, I had to come home today and read pretty much every girly book I own.
Meg Cabot, Melissa Walker and Sarah Dessan all had their book's pretty thouroughly worn out by me today.
(Speaking of Meg Cabot, her blog today was beautiful. She speaks of cake. Cake, being completely not acceptable in the lives of America's Next Top Model, was nice to have reintroduced to my happy Missourian world.)
Anyway, this is what I read.

And this;

and then a Sarah Dessan book that I can't remember the name of.
But I heartily reccomend all three. Even the one I can't recall the name.
I do, however, want to play with makeup.

Gah, the hazards of reading books about supermodels. It's worse than watching tv, because on the television I can hope that they're not smart and awesome, just pretty. In books, they're smart and awesome AND pretty.
It's enough to diet. Well, until you read Meg Cabot's blog about cake, and then you realize that cake is not worth giving up. it out.
Melissa Walker's book are really good. Plus, she does Readergirlz blog, which is just as good. Meg Cabot and Sarah Dessan don't need explanation. Everyone knows that they're fabulous.
You know what else is fabulous?

I will be watching New Moon purely for Taylor Lautner. I see no reason for a Team Edward. I have been pulled from indifferent purely over to the side of Jacob Black.
(Yes, I'm a drooling teenage girl. I can't help myself. I love the books, even with all the hype-maybe not as much as some-and I love this picture.)
So, yes, no reason for Team Edward. Except this.
Too many pretty people!!!!
Ack, I'm going to go watch Sailor Moon. At least its pretty people are just animated.
(Disclaimer: I have nothing against pretty people, except for deep burning jealousy. However, only the ones in movies. The ones in real life are just people and the ones in books are too awesome to be jealous of.)

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