Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Perseverance is key

As mentioned in the side bar, I have queried a few literary agents for the story I very recently wrote. I got a partial request from one. The lady was very nice before I sent her the partial. She said she would give feedback. Before I sent it, I was very excited, because even when the rejection came, maybe I'd have something to go off of.
Yes, well. I have a rejection. But it was a form rejection(aka the same thing sent to everyone else.)
This mildly scares me. I am hoping it has more to do with the fact she is an uber busy woman and not that she thinks my story is beyond saving. It does not bother me that it was form, necessarily; it bothers me that she said she would give feedback and it did not happen. It is not anger I feel, but only fear.
Perseverance is key.
However, perseverance currently lies in sending out more queries. I am not quite sure my nerves can handle this.
So chocolate is nice too.
On another, happier note;
Cassandra Clare updated her blog. I had not seen the Polish cover for City Of Glass, the book I mentioned in the blog like ten minutes ago(for the double posting, I apologize. But after finding a rejection in my inbox, I felt the need to talk to my computer as none of my friends will answer their stinkin' phones)

I have one question-Why does the American cover not look like this?
Why do I not get to look at THIS on my desk? These are some of my favorite books. They never live on the shelf because I'm always rereading them. I want this on the cover. I want to be having a bad day and pick up a good book with an adorable guy on the cover.
I mean, come on. Can you blame me?
Not that there's anything wrong with the current ones. But I like this one better.
There is something very Final Fantasy about this cover. It's beautiful. If I get a book published(when I get a book published. Perseverance. That is key) then I want my cover to look like this.
Or maybe this;

I mean, wow. It's so beautiful. All of these covers are, and the latest book of the Luxe series was the best yet.
This, I think, is the prettiest dress. However, I am biased to purple.
I have one last note. Kevin Jonas is engaged, according to AOL.
We are in economic recession. Two weeks ago, AOL told me that Korea would be bombing America between July 2 and July 11. The car companies are reviving.
But no. Much more important-Kevin Jonas is engaged.
For some reason, I find myself aggravated. For another, deeper, darker reason, I did not click on the other stories of AOL. I conformed to the masses desires. Instead of reading about Obama, I read about . . .
The Jonas Brothers.
God help me.

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