Sunday, July 5, 2009

Foriegn people are cooler

I have more cover envy.
Have you read Richelle Mead's VAMPIRE ACADEMY books? (No, not caps because I'm shouting, the italics won't work)
They're really good. They have fairly good covers, too.
These are ours.

These are Germany's covers. Excuse me for the weird spacing, they copied weird.

The third isn't on here, but it is by far the coolest yet.
This simply proves my theory. Japanese music is cooler than American. Spanish clothing is more interesting than American. And now, foriegn covers of these books are cooler.
American's are not very artistic. Nor are we very cool. I love my country, but it's just the cold hard facts.
Well, at least we can cook.


Maggie said...

Hey now, don't be downin' on my country, Sam! :)
Although I do have to say that Germany's covers are much better. Even if they are slightly creepy.
Do you know when the next book comes out?

Sam said...

Hey, I love America! But in these particular books, I have severe cover love. There are some covers here that I like more. :)
I think the next book's out in . . . August? Maybe September?

ElanaJ said...

I love the VA series, and I totally agree that those covers are way cooler than ours! :)