Monday, July 27, 2009

It's happening again

Thirteen Reasons Why is a book you have probably heard of. That's for good reason. It's fabulous. But trolling through Jay Asher's blog, I found something quite sad. It was in the list of covers.
Yup. It happened again. I have fallen in love with foreign covers over my own countries' work. I know, quite sad.
This is our cover of this heart wrenching but beautiful book. (No, that isn't sarcasm. It really is that good.)

Now, this is an ok cover. It's actually pretty cool.
But look at the UK version. . . .

By the by, I happen to like the quote on the British one. I didn't notice it until it was this big, and I think the back or of the U.S. one says something similiar. . .But I like it. Just saying.
I like this cover better, too. But this is the Italian one. It either scares me or inspires me. Inspires me to do what? Who knows, but I kind of like it
I think the other two fit the story better, but it's still cool.

Hmm. Japan. Kinda bland, but it's really pretty.
Thoughts, anyone?
In case I offend anyone with my blatant foreign love, I'm sorry;
It isn't just books, and it isn't just me. A lot of my friends have this problem too. We love Chinese food best, or Mexican, or Italian. We had to do a project on someone interesting for English and I chose Coco Chanel. Most of us would rather visit London than New York. Some friends and I made up a scoring guide for guys, and accents gained them two points.
*Note. We were at a debate tournament, it was midnight and we weren't getting home till three. Some of our male teammates started being jerks, and we came up with a rating scale. It kept us awake. Yes, we are shallow sometimes and yes we have a lot of time, but we did have reason. And now the note is longer than the paragraph.*

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