Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dragons, dragons, dragons!

Now, I deeply considered making this a philisophical post about the icons of fantasy and why they've upheld the years and all the good stuff.
However, I did a dull version of philosophy in the form Miley Cyrus earlier this week, so I think I'm just going to talk about dragons.
Oh, and how much I want one.
(Anyone who knows me personally: You always ask what I want for my birthday, right? And I tell you I want Alex Pettyfer and you whine about how kidnapping is a crime and all that?)

...Sigh....British boys are cute....
But I do agree. Kidnapping is bad. So, here we are. A dragon would be a perfectly acceptable substitution.
*Sighs happily.*
Look how cute it is.
As you may have guessed, this dragon fandom had come to light because of the movie How To Train Your Dragon.
Well, I think it just needs to be said; we should not be training dragons. No. They are a special group of animals and should be left alone. If anything, dragons should be training us. I mean, they're the ones who can fly.
Just look at that little kid. You KNOW that he wants to be the one flying, but instead, he has to rely on poor Toothless. Plus, he also looks like he's about to lunge into the ocean if he doesn't pay close enough attention.
(By the by, I have yet to see this movie. I don't have a car or a license and my driver is in Chicago with her friend. Sigh.)
To sum this post up--Dragons are fantabulous.
However, I guess since this is primarily a blog about books and writing, I will add one philosphy tidbit, catered to you by a very wise, very philosophical fifteen year old and--
Hey. Stop laughing. I am mature. I am!
Well, there went the philosophy. I guess I can recommend a book.
Not only does is have a pretty cover, it was pretty dang good. I particularly liked the ending; it all just FIT.
Anyway. I'm going to go dream about dragons.
See? The dude with the sword? He's totally taking lessons.


Kendra Logan said...

Awesome XD Dragons are quite cool.

I want Alex Pettyfer, too. And I'm not sure I'm above resorting to kidnapping...



Maggie said...

How am I never the first one to comment anymore? D:
Sigh. I feel like I'm failing my stalker duties.

In other news, I am in LOVE WITH THAT MOVIE. It was amazing. Seriously. And I want a dragon too. I told Ginger that she would be my new dragon, however she just grumbled and rolled over, giving me a look that was quite easily desiphered (how do you spell that word? Hmm...).
Clearly my animals have no respect for me and my need for a dragon. It's quite sad.

That book also looks goooood. I would like to borrow it one day, if you don't mind. :)

Simply a Very Veen Berry said...

Hello. I am a fan of your works over Inkpop, I'm a fellow writer names Nevey :) .

First of all, who don't want a dragon as a Bday gift. OMG! I want one (I own a fictional one).

Loves your writing and blog.

Sam said...

Kendra: I don't think I am either. It's his own fault for being so dang pretty.
Maggie: If it makes you feel better, it looks like you were . . . two minutes away? So it's close!
Ginger should be a dragon. Maybe I'll tell Zimmy that too. He's 140 pounds, so he's got a good start, at least.
Simply: Hey, thanks! :P I'm glad you like my story and my blog. I'll look you up on inkpop!

Bish Denham said...

Love that last picture! But one must remember, not all dragons are loveable,Smaug for example from The Hobbit was pretty nasty.

cipherqueen said...

Love it. ;D Dragons are amazing... vicious or not.

Lisa Green said...

LOVED the movie - you should see it.

Putting that book on my TBR list! Dang it! Now it's OVER a mile long...

Maddie said...

You alwaya find the prettiest pictures!

Aspen said...

I have to see that movie! I squealed through the whole trailer, they're so cute.

I don't really want a dragon though, I have a pretty good substitute for it already. It's a lion cub disguised as a Golden Retriever puppy. Equally energetic.

Aspen said...

Sam! One day left on inkpop! ONE DAY!

Sam said...

Bish: Yeah, evil dragons are not quite as good. But hey, they're still kinda cool.
Cipherqueen: *nods in agreement*
Lisa: Hah, mine too. :P And I'm gonna try and bribe my sister to take me this weekend.
Maddie: Google is a beyootiful thing.
Aspen: I have a blood hound. He's almost big enough to be a dragon.
And I know! It's ticking down the hours. I'm so excited!

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